Jacob Dye

Mental Health Services


I am a Licensed Professional Counselor and Mental Health Care Provider. This means I am trained to assess, diagnose and treat Mental Illnesses and to assess and discuss patient lifestyle behaviors.

Health Issues most commonly addressed

Anxiety, depression, self esteem difficulties, life style assessments, weight related issues, addiction, impulse control issues, and relationship difficulties

Recent Success

I most recently worked with a patient with a history of long term drug addiction, depression and anxiety. Through multiple sessions this patient has been able to decrease their anxiety and depression. They have also increased their self esteem and the quality of their relationships, as well as their overall health and well-being.

My passion in life is to help others become the healthiest version of themselves by focusing on their mental, physical and spiritual health.

Jason Pawlik

Mental Health Services


I assess and treat behavioral problems that relate to cognitive functioning.

Health issues most commonly addressed:

Addiction, anxiety and depression

Recent Success

I had a patient that came to us with a long term history of anxiety. I guided her through her anxiety by using special relaxation techniques to restore healthy cognitive function.

I have a passion for helping people and guiding them to live a healthier lifestyle and to improve mental growth.

Stephanie Preciado

Mental Health Services


Health Issues most commonly addressed:

Wellness and addiction therapy/treatment

Recent Success

I recently have been working with a patient with long term addiction to opiods. I Started them on suboxone and therapy. Patient is now weaned off suboxone and continues with therapy.

I enjoy helping others and nursing provides that opportunity.

Ruth M. Sirgo

Doctor of Pharmacy


Patients receive up to date and complete information on their medications. Additionally each new prescription is checked for interactions with other medications they may already be taking and any questions you may have will be accurately addressed.

Health issues most commonly addressed:

High Blood Pressure

Recent success:

I recently filled a prescription for someone that had been filling their prescriptions elsewhere and saved them a lot of out of pocket money. They were very grateful.

I want to help patients be their healthiest. I enjoy seeing the results patients experience when their health improves and I like being a part of that process.

Valerie Challon Casto

Director, Mental Health Services


My degrees and credentials mean that I am qualified to provide exceptional mental health care to adults and children, as well as to teach new professionals in the field.
“Why I do What I do”
My calling is to keep each person fully engaged in life.
Health issues most commonly addressed
People most often come to counseling hurting-upset about their lives-something bad has happened and they want things to get better: anxiety, depression, addiction relationship problems. This is where I can help.
Change is scary and growth is challenging. It is my honor to nurture our patients through this process. Things often seem worse before they get better and there is often tears of pain then, relief, even from large, strong men. I receive many heartfelt hugs as years of betrayal and guilt are released and responsibilities and new powers are accepted. Freedom comes through full life engagement.
My calling is to keep each person fully engaged in life.

Felix R. Lawrence

Doctor of Dental Surgery (Dentist)


I provide all types of oral health care.

Health issues most commonly addressed
A lot of my patients come in with toothaches, bleeding gums and gingivitis.

I want to help patients be their healthiest. I enjoy seeing the results patients experience when their health improves and I like being a part of that process.

Vitality Ogorodnik

Registered Dental Hygienist

Registered in state of Tennessee as Dental Hygienist

As an MD provider I can assess, treat and prescribe for all patients as well as supervise mid-level providers.

Health Issues most commonly addressed

Bad Breath, gum disease, mouth sores, tooth sensitivity, yellow teeth, cavities, teeth grinding, and toothaches.

Recent Success

Recently a patient came in with gum disease. After educating the patient about their problem they understood and agreed to a treatment plan which was deep cleaning. Now patient has better oral health and maintains their teeth and a beautiful smile.

I enjoy helping people to feel confident about their oral health

Dr. Bill Sekulovski


After Medical school I went into family practice. I enjoy working with patients of all ages.

Health Issues most commonly addressed

Hypertension, high cholesterol, diabetes, bronchitis, urinary tract infection, allergies, anxiety and depression, insomnia, minor injuries, obesity, and opioid dependence.

Recent Success

I Recently treated an overweight middle aged man that came in with symptoms that turned out to be advanced diabetes. Through further investigation we also discovered patient has high blood pressure and high cholesterol. We placed patient on medication and diet and activity regimens designed for him, as well as referred him to an eye and foot specialist. Within a few months all of his medical conditions are well controlled and he is feeling like his normal, healthier self again.

I try to prevent, treat or control common acute amd chronic medical conditions for the underinsured and uninsured patients.

Dr. Linda Beecher

BS Biomedical Engineering


Residency Pediatrics University of Mississippi Blair Bateson Hospital for Children. My degrees and credentials mean that the patient can be confident that they have a well trained and experienced health care provider.

Health Issues most commonly addressed

Most frequently addressed health issues are well child visits, immunizations, attention deficit disorder, childhood obesity, teen pregnancy prevention and sexually transmitted disease treatment.

Recent Success

I treated a teenage boy with a several month history of a non-painful nodule on his forearm. He had been to the ER several times and sent home with no treatment and no follow up. I decided to do x-rays and referred him to orthopedics. We were able to diagnose a rhabdomyosarcoma (cancer) and got it treated before it metastasized.

I do what I do because of the satisfaction I get when assisting children and caregivers in improving the quality of life for the child.

Dr. Nedra Jackson


Leona Bryant


Inas Johnson


Latasha Todd



Angela Rhein, LCSW – Licensed Clinical Social Worker

Loukeisha Bailey, LPN – Licensed Practical Nurse

Nicholas Tsambassis, MD – Medical Doctor

Nikki Green, MA – Medical Assistant



Elizabeth Constantino, RN – Office Manager

James Suarez, LPC – Licensed Practical Counselor



Amina Elkadie – Medical Student

Huda Hussein – Office Manager

Michelle Vasireddy, PA – Physician Assistant

Tracie Coleman, LCSW – Licensed Clinical Social Worker


Ana Molina, MA – Medical Assistant

Carol Miller, NP – Nurse Practitioner

Gloria Noguera  Medical Assistant

Jammie Garcia, MA – Medical Assistant

Jane White – VP of Clinical Outreach

Jason Pawlik, LPC – Licensed Practical Counselor

Leesa Smith – Regional Community Outreach Coordinator

Sheila Lopez, MA – Medical Assistant