Our Prohealth pharmacy is located in our Franklin Community health center.

You just can’t get any more convenient than filling your prescription at the same place where you see your doctor.  Additionally, our pharmacist can speak directly to the doctor right away if there is an issue. This means you won’t have to wait for the pharmacist to call the doctor and the doctor to get back to the pharmacist to get your prescription filled if there is an issue. You save time as well as money. What could be simpler?

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Our pharmacy is a 340B pharmacy. What does this mean for our patients? The patient has the ability to get their prescriptions filled when they otherwise may not have found the financial means to do so. This program makes the necessary medications needed for treatments of many common diseases affordable to all.

If you are a patient of Prohealth our pharmacist is part of our care management team. Our patients benefit by having access to more information about the medications they take. Working as a team with our doctors can improve your overall health outcome dramatically as they can help you more fully understand what you are taking and why you need to take them as prescribed. Our pharmacist is always willing to answer any questions you may have about the medications you take.

Patients of our other facilities such as Columbia Community Health Center or any of our outreach programs can stop into the Franklin pharmacy and get their prescriptions filled. If you are a Medicaid or Medicare patient but not one of our patients you can still get your prescriptions filled at our pharmacy.

We recommend you call ahead if there is any question about your eligibility.